Room Five students are on holiday! We have had an exciting last week; we said farewell to MrsMc by writing and performing a rap; we had a visit from Clare, who shared her experiences at the Olympics with us; and we made some amazing robots and vehicles. Have a safe and happy holiday, everyone, and don’t forget to keep the step count record books up to date!

LED Text Scroller


I love minecraft because you get to build whatever you imagine.  At night monsters come out to hunt you down.  You can also get mods and texture packs from the internet.  So far my friends and I have built an infected hotel, an awesome castle and we are working on a iphone5 house and a new mod. I am not going to give you the secret so stay tuned:)

Student Blogging Challenge Week 3

This week the student blogging challenge is called ‘Our World’. By clicking here you will find some suggestions about how to improve your blog by adding posts and widgets about languages of the world, history and geography. When you finish your Powerpoint presentations about our environment you will be able to add them to your blogs; this fits in well with this week’s blog challenge! I look forward to reading your posts this week!

Global Children’s Challenge

We are participating in the Global Children’s Challenge. By wearing our pedometers every day and keeping a careful record of the number of steps we take every day for the next FIFTY days we will develop our fitness, our Maths skills, our knowledge of the world and our communication and organisational skills. In class we made a  pledge to abide by the event rules. We promised to:
Always keep safety in mind;
Not shake pedometers;
Never touch or reset another person’s pedometer;
Wear the pedometer correctly and record step-counts honestly; and
Aim to be more active and have fun.

Good luck everyone, enjoy the challenge!


Student blogging challenge

This is a reminder to participate in the student blogging challenge this week. Room Five has been matched with two classrooms; one in Australia and the other in the USA. Remember to visit and leave a comment on one of their posts. The blogging challenges this week are about creating an avatar, managing your blogroll, hyperlinking and ideas for posts. Choose at least one of these tasks for our ICT time on Thursday.

What will be the topic of your next post?

Have you chosen a blog avatar?


In Room Five this week we have been learning about idioms. An idiom is an everyday saying which expresses something in an unusual way. For example, if I want to let someone know that I am ready to listen carefully to what they are saying, I might say; ‘I am all ears’. People might say that something is not their ‘cup of tea’ if it’s something that they don’t like. Someone might ‘get out of the wrong side of the bed’ or ‘be in a pickle’.  I might  ‘pull my socks up,’ if I want  to work harder, or to ‘build a bridge’ if I want to move on from a disagreement. In our class we have ‘green thumbs’ because we have grown lots of rocket this term! Click on this link to play an idioms game and find many more idioms.

Do you have a favourite idiom?

When do you use it?

What does it really mean?


Word clouds

Earlier this term we used tagxedo to make word clouds about our excursion to Cossack, our class and our friends. This week we will use tagxedo and wordle to make word clouds about ourselves. Some of the word clouds may go in to the time capsule which will be opened in ten years. We may also put some in the yearbook. Check out this tagxedo made with words from our blog.

Which words will you put in your word cloud?

What other ways could we use word clouds in the classroom?

How to write good comments

When you visit a blog, the first thing you may want to do is to read the most recent posts. You may also visit individual pages to see what the blog has to offer. When you are ready to comment:

1. Click on the title of the post.
2. Scroll down to the comment section. Sometimes the comment section will have a symbol attached or the comment section may be highlighted in a different colour, depending on the blog theme and appearance.
3. Write the comment like a letter. Include a greeting, your main topic or point, a question, a closing statement and your name – first names or initials only. Use correct spelling, punctuation and spacing, Read the comment and edit carefully before submitting. You could compliment the writer in a specific way, ask a question, and/or add new information to the post. Make sure that the  comment is related to the post. Remember NEVER to reveal personal information, or information about another student, in your comment.  Your comments should be well thought out and contribute to our classroom community. We want to avoid comments like “Cool!” Commenting keeps the blog alive and helps improve writing skills. We all benefit when you share ideas, connections, thoughts and feelings.
4. When you have written and reviewed your comment, you may need to copy a caption to avoid spam before you can post the comment.
5. Your comment may not appear immediately. It will be sent to the blog user to be checked first.


Where do our visitors come from?

Most days in Room Five we look at our visitor information through our Clustrmap, our flag counter and the live feed.  It is a great way to practise our maths, language, reading, investigating, geography and mapping skills. Some of the things we like to do after looking at our visitor information  include:

Putting a flag on our classroom world map;
Estimating how long it will take to reach a certain number of visitors;
Working out which countries and states our visitors come from;
Investigating the countries who visit us;
Adding and discussing visitor totals;
Working out time zones;
Using place value and calculating skills as we record and discuss visitor numbers.

What can you tell from looking at our Clustrmap?

How many visitors do you think we will get by the end of the year?