Gwardar in the garden!

On Friday, as a group of young scientists from Room 5 were taking notes on the animal life in our class garden, they disturbed a snake. It quickly fled, but our observant young scientists think that it may have been a gwardar, or western brown snake. Miss Linda and the group of students did exactly the right thing by immediately leaving the garden area and notifying teachers and school administration. It is important to move away quickly and let an adult know if you see a snake. As the temperatures climb in the Pilbara there may be more snakes moving about. Click here to learn more about the gwardar and other snakes that we may encounter in the Pilbara.

Have you seen any snakes recently? If so, could you identify the snake?

What safety precautions do we need to keep in mind when we are outdoors or working in the garden?

3 thoughts on “Gwardar in the garden!

    • The class are pretty used to seeing snakes so they coped admirably! Have you ever found any unusual visitors in your school garden?
      Mrs Nealon

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