It’s Emily here! Just wanted to say that mums new blog is http://illuminate7.edublogs.org/ with the extension class here at Australind Senior High School!

Greetings from Australind!

Hello ex-Room Five students. I hope you have all settled in to your new classrooms and that you are enjoying this new year of school. I heard about the fire in the school office; how sad for the people who work there and how lucky that more damage wasn’t done. I also hope that Cyclone Rusty doesn’t do any damage to your homes or to the school. I am wondering whether many of you are still accessing this blog? I am considering archiving the blog as I want to start one up with my students here at Kingston. Archiving is similar to deleting a blog. Once a blog is archived no one is able to view the blog’s content or access its dashboard and any one visiting its blog address will see the message “This blog has been archived”. I think you all did an amazing job to write posts and comments and to get more than 1100 visits in less than six months! Are you still checking this blog occasionally? Could you please leave a comment if so?

Happy New School Year!

Hello ex-Room Five students! This is to wish you a wonderful start to your new year at school. I hope that you all had a great holiday and that you settle back in to this new school year quickly and happily with your new teacher and your new classmates in your new classrooms! Remember these words of wisdom from Dr Seuss…

I miss you all and hope that you will still write some posts on your blogs from time to time. When I start a blog here at my new school I will send you the address so we can keep in touch!


Mrs Nealon

Gwardar in the garden!

On Friday, as a group of young scientists from Room 5 were taking notes on the animal life in our class garden, they disturbed a snake. It quickly fled, but our observant young scientists think that it may have been a gwardar, or western brown snake. Miss Linda and the group of students did exactly the right thing by immediately leaving the garden area and notifying teachers and school administration. It is important to move away quickly and let an adult know if you see a snake. As the temperatures climb in the Pilbara there may be more snakes moving about. Click here to learn more about the gwardar and other snakes that we may encounter in the Pilbara.

Have you seen any snakes recently? If so, could you identify the snake?

What safety precautions do we need to keep in mind when we are outdoors or working in the garden?



Last week students were entertained and moved by the wonderful performance of ‘Hachiko’ by Spare parts Puppet Theatre. Hachiko is the Japanese ‘Red Dog’ who travelled each day to Shibuya train station to meet his master. The performance drew out themes of loyalty, resilience, joy, grief and humour. The puppetry was creative and inspiring and stimulated much discussion and follow-up activities in classrooms throughout the school. In Room Five students made sushi, origami dog puppets and have started writing short stories about much-loved pets.

What did you enjoy most about the performance?

What other stories do you think could be presented to an audience using puppets?

What type of puppet show could you design?

Welcome back!

Welcome back to the final term of 2012! It will be a busy and varied term; we have our end-of-year concert item to plan, prepare and practise, a new theme – Growing – to explore and lots of work to review and extend learning. It was fantastic to see Room Five students taking up the ‘100 word challenge’ this week; I look forward to seeing some of your writing about your holidays added to your own blogs. I had a wonderful time in Darwin getting close to some saltwater crocodiles, discovering the cool Fridge festival and exploring the markets and beautiful Litchfield National Park. Here are some photographs I took while I was away;

Green ants

Mermaid fridge

Confused fridge?


Magnetic termite mounds


What are the differences between the landscape and animals in the Northern Territory and Western Australia?
Have you visited Darwin?
Have you visited a place which has a different landscape or climate to our environment?